Locate your sample without a line of sight

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Track and locate different samples in your lab with RFID technology

Brady has developed a small-sized RFID technology tag that allows for tracking and locating various samples in the laboratory. This tag fits perfectly on medical well plates, Petri dishes, and cell culture plates. It is made of the highly chemical-resistant material B-7425.


With the launch of this tag, Brady reaffirms its commitment to developing products that address the challenges of identification in laboratories, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies.


The tag is compact, measuring 65 x 6 mm, and is ideal for identifying medical well plates, Petri dishes, and cell culture plates.


Inside each tag, there is a RFID UHF integrated circuit with a memory capable of storing up to 16 characters. This enables the identification of any sample within a range of 0.5 or 1 m, depending on the reader, without requiring visual access.


Additionally, the tag allows for the selection of specific items and guides users to the corresponding item with images and sound.


Imagine the improvements this can bring to sample management.


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