We know the importance of having your equipment in a perfectly operational status at all times.
An assay, a workgroup or, even worse, a whole laboratory cannot be stopped because a critical equipment is not working properly.

We also know that preventive maintenance is the best way to extend the lifetime
of your equipment to keep it in perfect working order.
We offer you a comprehensive advice about this and a service of preventive
maintenance adequate to your needs.

But if nevertheless any of your equipment suffers a breakdown we can provide you with a complete Field Service Support. Then, you will have the peace of mind of having:

  • Professionals with high qualifications and experience with laboratory equipment.
  • Assistance on site if possible or if the equipment is too bulky.
  • Collection and delivery service if necessary.
  • Diagnosis and quotation.
  • Repairs with spare parts and original parts whenever possible.
  • Compliance with the work instructions and quality standards of the manufacturers.



We specialize in fume cupboards and other laboratory safety devices (cabinets for hazardous materials, suction arms, hoods, biological safety cabinets …). We can offer inspection and review, preventive maintenance, training and, of course, repairing service. With three levels of service ECONOMY, ADVANCE and PREMIUM you can have from a simple yearly inspection to very high level services such as on-site measurement of the robustness of the containment of a fume cupboard according to UNE-EN 14175-4 (INSHT NTP 990).


We will be pleased to help you.
Or if you prefer our sales team can visit you to expand
all the information you may need.

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