Glass Chemicals, S. L. U.
Isabel Colbrand, 10, N-64,
28050 Madrid, ES
Geo (GPS): 40.511913, -3.673868
P: +34 913 780 055
F: +34 917 383 221

NIF: B80364045
VAT: ES B80364045
Registro Mercantil de Madrid.
Tomo: 3282. Folio: 60.
Hoja: M-55754. Sección: 8

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At Glass Chemicals, we offer our employees the opportunity to meet their professional aspirations and promote the reconciliation of working and family life, all in accordance with our Mission, Vision and Values. The passion for work, commitment, the spirit of companionship, training and communication are the framework of our labor relations.


At this moment we do not have any selection process in progress. At the time we need to fill a position, the description of it as well as the procedure to follow for candidates will be published on this page. You can also connect to our LinkedIn page where we regularly update our company information.

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