The equipment with technical furniture of a laboratory is generally much more than simple furnishing. That is why at Glass Chemicals we approach laboratory furniture always as a whole project.

First of all, our specialized technical staff will have a meeting with the person in charge of the laboratory (and with the workers if necessary), will visit the planned spaces and take the necessary measurements and evaluation of the connections of the different supplies. During the Lab Planning phase, when designing the laboratory, it is essential not only to comply with the UNE-EN 14056 standard (Laboratory Furniture. Recommendations for Design and Installation) but to go further and anticipate possible future needs and possibilities for expansion. It is also important to address the comfort and ergonomics, the energy efficiency of the facilities and, first and foremost, the safety of the workers.

Next, we will present a complete project in which all aspects will be detailed, including 2D and 3D layouts so that you can have an image as faithful as possible of the project when finished. The project usually undergoes a refinement cycle until final approval. Once the project has been approved we will follow the work schedule detailed in it, we will coordinate with you or with third parties (for example with Risk Prevention) so that the assembly and installation processes will be carried out smoothly.

The team of assemblers will be responsible for the assembly of the furniture elements, their perfect adaptation to the planned approach and their aesthetics with the necessary finishing touches. The team of installers will take care of taking the different services (electricity, water, technical fluids etc.) to where they are expected to be. Of course our installers have all the official qualifications necessary to carry out their work with all the guarantees and provide documentation that will avoid unexpected surprises later such as the absence of a Certificate of Electrical or Gas Installation.


We offer our technical laboratory furniture made from wood derivatives (melamine technical panel) or metal (steel with epoxy-polyester or polyurethane paint coating) for all susceptible elements: storage modules, floor cabinets, hanging cabinets.


Our workbenches, storage modules and cabinets comply with the UNE-EN 13150 and UNE-EN 14727 standards.



We know that some activities have very specific requirements. For example, clean rooms and many activities of the food industry need furniture different from the standard of a typical laboratory. For this we have a special line (benches, storage modules, cabinets, sinks, trolleys) made entirely of stainless steel that offer a higher level of hygiene and ease of cleaning and disinfection.


Fume cupboards are a vital devices for the safety of workers in a laboratory. So much that we have decided to dedicate a specific page on our website, click here to see it.


Well designed, robust, reliables and easy to clean and disinfect, with a facilities carrier provided with attached panels. Adaptable to a wall, to an existing wall workbench (peninsula workbench) or to the center of a space (central workbench or island). Also for special applications: with wheels, low mounting, anti-vibration or for instrumentation among others. Supported by a structure based on steel tubes coated with epoxy-polyester/polyurethane paint or supported on storage modules (without structure).


We know that choosing the right worktop for each activity is an important issue. It is not the same an electronics laboratory that needs work surfaces resistant to mechanical aggressions (scratches, small bumps …) than a microbiology laboratory in which effective cleaning and decontamination is nearly imperative. We have the appropriate worktop for your needs, from phenolic resin with acrylic-polyurethane coating to those for specific uses: stainless steel, granite, stoneware, epoxy, tempered glass etc.


Baseboard, with wheels or suspended of a rail under the workbench so that the module can move to the desired position. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations: single door, double door, door-drawer, drawers. And of course also special: soundproof, for waste etc.


Stand cabinets and hanging cabinets. With a variety of configurations: with swinging doors, sliding glass doors, or without doors. Also for specific uses such as the storage of acids or bases, toxic products, bottles of technical gases or flammable products.


Polypropylene (PP) is a material for the manufacture of sinks that adapts to the vast majority of uses in a laboratory. However, there are situations in which other types of material may be more suitable, for this we offer stoneware, stainless steel and even sanitary earthenware sinks.


We take care of the details at the points of supply of the different services. The electrical bases (plugs) have splash protection, the hot/cold water faucets have a mixer that can be operated with the forearm and the technical gas pressure reducers are coded according to the UNE-EN 13792 standard.


We have the perfect complements to make your new laboratory look like never before. Drain trays, soap or hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, disposable towel dispensers, hand dryers, interior drawer dividers, stands for monitors or keyboards are just a sample of our range of accessories.

We are partners of the main companies focused on furniture for laboratories.

Design and furnishing of laboratory spaces with the highest quality and durability, safety, efficiency and cleanness.


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