Dear customers and friends.

I still remember the images of the Universal Exhibition and the Olympic Games that were celebrated in our country when, more than twenty-five years ago, I decided to embark on an exciting business adventure.

In those days it was not so simple nor was it so fashionable to become an “entrepreneur” but when you believe in a project and it is also related to a world that you are passionate about, such as the laboratory, with just 20 years old there is no obstacle that you do not think you can overcome .

Today Glass Chemicals has grown and has matured a lot since those beginnings. For me it is a pleasure to present you a dynamic company, focused on the world of the laboratory and that is proud to have continued to increase its number of customers and employees year on year since that distant 1992.

Receive a warm greeting.

Alejandro del Álamo.
General Manager of Glass Chemicals.

Glass Chemicals is a company with 100% Spanish capital. We are dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of labware and products for microbiology, consumables, reagents, instrumentation and equipment for the laboratory as well as medical devices, “in vitro” diagnostic products and instrumentation for medical and hospital use. A constant dedication to the world of the laboratory, as well as continuous investments in infrastructure and technology have allowed us to receive the trust of a growing number of customers to become one of the leading suppliers of laboratory equipment.

Since 1992 we have maintained a steady growth in our sales, thanks to an adequate reinvestment policy and technological commitment, which has allowed us to achieve an important turnover, a solid platform to boost our future growth. Although our sales are directed mostly to the national market, the business and marketing perspectives in this sense are oriented in the near future to cover various territories of the European market.

With services such as calibration of equipment, our own technical service or support for certifications we want our post-sales capabilities to be up to your needs and, above all, your peace of mind. Our passion is you, our client.

Quality has been one of our obsessions from the very beginning. Therefore, we were among the first companies in this sector to implement quality management systems. Standards such as UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 or UNE-EN ISO 13485 guarantee this commitment.

We do not forget another of our passions, the innovation. We are constantly thinking about how to improve the customer service and satisfaction. This, together with our experience, dedication and investments in infrastructure, technology and human resources allow us to offer the highest level of customer service.


We can have thousands of references in our catalogue but we are convinced that our greatest asset is people. Thanks to them, to their work, passion and talent Glass Chemicals is today one of the main suppliers of laboratory equipment.

All the people that are Glass Chemicals share the passion to innovate and to be up the date of of the latest developments in the world of the laboratory to offer our customers excellent products and services. And we are very proud of it. Contact us. We will be pleased to help you.

Main Location

Isabel Colbrand, 10, N-64, 28050 Madrid, ES

T: +34 913 780 055

F: +34 917 383 221

General Management


Customer Support

Quality and Regulatory Affairs


Operations and Distribution


Information Technologies (IT)



We supply reagents, material and special laboratory equipment.

We put science in motion making it possible for any laboratory to have at all times everything it needs and to concentrate on what is truly important: science and the progress of society.


The needs of our customers are our challenges. We want any laboratory to think about us when they need material or equipment to work and know that what they need, they will have it.


Honesty, loyalty and transparency. Quite simply, we do not understand another way for our relations with our employees, customers and suppliers.

Sustainability and social conscience. At Glass Chemicals we are concerned about the impact that our activity has around us, both socially and in relation to the environment. We have expressed this concern in our Declaration of Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Innovation. We are convinced that there is always something we can improve on. No matter how well we work, we believe that if they put on the illusion and the necessary enthusiasm, we can always do things even better.

The people come first. We want to satisfy the professional aspirations of our employees, while encouraging reconciliation with personal life. The passion for work, commitment, the spirit of companionship, training and communication are the framework of our labor relations.


At Glass Chemicals we work hard to get new clients, but we know that getting the ones we already have very satisfied is even more important. A very satisfied customer is a treasure that we want to take care and it is also what motivates us to improve day-by-day in our work. We are convinced that it is the small details that make the difference between a simply satisfied and a very satisfied customer and that is why we try to give our clients an excellent level of service and attention.

From the very beginning of our activity we decided to implement a system to evaluate the quality of service and the satisfaction of our customers. As it could not be otherwise, this system is incorporated into our Quality Manual which is part of our Quality Management System UNE-EN ISO 9001 for which we are certified.

Every year we send all our clients a complete satisfaction questionnaire whose answers we study in detail later to help us make decisions about how we can improve. And we are convinced that, however things are well-done, we can always improve.

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